Robotic Imaging deploys LiDAR, measurable imaging  and thermal infrared to rapidly capture data for Architects, Engineers,  Construction and Mining firms.  We collect 3D to 6D Building Information Modeling (BIM) data, maintaiming topology and accelerating field-to-desk operations.  Our team specializes in capturing reality information for adaptive re-use projects that lack current and detailed documents for planning: Commercial, Education, Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare, Historic Renovations, Historical Building Archiving, Industrial/Warehousing, Retail, Senior Living.

The leadership team is supported by photogrammetrists, surveyors, architects, engineers, and construction managers that design and plan on top of our laser data.  We use robotic stations and drones to disperse 30,000 to 1,200,000 millions points per second depending on project scope.  We are trained to rapidly capture reality and convert affordable files with a high degree of accuracy, improving productivity, efficiency and automated building practices.

Servicing the World.  Headquartered in Philadelphia & Salt Lake City.

Data Acquisition

Our team is focused on Point Cloud Modeling, 3D Site-Assessments, Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Infrared, Thermography and IR.  All imaging can be encrypted, archived, time-stamped and customized as a living file in the cloud or off-line.

Aerial Documentation

We aerially document large construction sites, building efficiency, plant health, solar efficiency and volume metrics including; roofing, equipment, grounds and more.  Our aerial and terrestrial drones are insured and equipped with infrared, thermography, lasers and HD imaging.  Pilots are Part 107 certified and experienced with waivers and additional FAA communication and clearences.

Laser Topology

3D colorized locationalized data with custom coordinate systems used across AEC teams and archived with owners and operators.  We efficiently and accurately inspect buildings, building facades, duct work, MEP and other hard to reach areas.  We are compatible across Autodesk and Leica Geosystems.

Leica Geosystems

Official Leica Geosystems © distributor and affiliate for beta programs, case studies and the BLK line applications.   We connect BLK360s, RTC360s and CPUs on-site to drive innovation and educate the industry on best practices.  We convert, analyze and render 4D data.


Partnering with land developers, architects, engineers, general contractors and mining companies to accelerate research and project execution programs.  Our program partners are learning how to expedite design and time spent on-site.  We tailor our data to match your level of desired BIM:  3D-6D.