Robotic Imaging rapidly deploys LiDAR, measurable imaging  and thermal infrared to capture data for Architects, Engineers,  Construction and Mining firms.  We collect 3D to 6D BIM data, maintaiming topology and accelerating field-to-desk operations.  Our team specializes in capturing reality information for adaptive re-use projects that lack current and detailed documents for planning: Commercial, Education, Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare, Historic Renovations, Historical Building Archiving, Industrial/Warehousing, Retail, Senior Living.

We are trained to rapidly capture and compress affordable files with a high degree of accuracy, improving efficiency and automated building practices.  Servicing the World.  Headquartered in Philadelphia & Salt Lake City.

Stationary & Mobile Acquisition

  • Data encryption and archiving
  • Cloud hosting
  • On-premise, local drives without the use of smart devices or Wifi
  • Terrestrial & Aerial Spherical LiDAR
  • Point Cloud Modeling and CAD Imaging
  • Photogrammetry
  • Thermal Infrared

Aerial Acquisition

  • Safety | FAA Waivers | Clearances
  • Insured Drones & FAA 107 Pilots
  • RAW & Edited Documentation
  • Aggregates | Volume Metrics
  • Vegetation Health
  • Solar Effieciency
  • Roof Inspection
  • Beta Programs

Topology & Compression

  • Colorized Locational Data
  • Custom Coordinate Systems
  • Drawing & Survey Overlays
  • Building and Topography Inspections
  • Compatible with Reality Analysis and Modeling Software
  • 10X file compression while maintaining topology

Leica Geosystems

Official Leica Geosystems © distributor and affiliate for beta programs, case studies and the scanning applications.   We connect scanners and CPUs to drive innovation and educate the industry on best practices.  We convert, analyze and render 3D-6D data.


We help with property owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, and marketing agencies accelerate research for reality collection and interpretation  We tailor our data to match existing workflows and standards.