Robotic Imaging Group captures and converts intelligent 3D data streamlining architecture, engineering and construction documentation. We use optical, laser and structured light scanners for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and quality inspections.

We work for developers, architects, engineers and general contractors that are invested in automation and sustainable development.

Headquartered in Chester County, PA.


Terrestrial, Aerial and Subterranean non-destructive documentation using drone, HDR imaging, LiDAR and Radar


Photos (Stills, 360°), Exterior Flyovers (Video), Point Clouds, CAD Models, Digital Elevation Data, Orthographics


Colorized and textured photogrammetry using HDRI imaging + Point Clouds

Laser Scanning

Official Leica Dealer.  Versatile with Drone, BLK line, RTC360 and a variety of reality capture software programs.

Architectural Surveys

Our data is used across the Autodesk Suite, primarily Revit.  We accurately capture reality with HDR and LiDAR imaging.

GIS | Topography

Partnering with Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors and GIS departments simplifying and improving infrastructure.  We map interiors and topography that can be coordinated with existing surveys.