Robotic Imaging deploys LiDAR and 3D Visualization cameras to rapidly capture data for Architects, Engineers and Construction firms.  We collect survey and inspection data in 3D and 4D to accelerate AEC workflows and coordination.

Our team specializes in high-definition surveys for adaptive reuseexpansionsrenovationshistorical preservation, and refurbishments that lack current documents for planning.  We use robotic stations and drones on a massive dose of steroids to capture anywhere from 30,000 to 1,200,000 millions points per second depending on the project scope.  How our data will be used dictates our required functionality.

The leadership team is supported by surveyors, architects, engineers, and construction managers that design and plan on top rich laser scanning data.  We are trained to rapidly capture and convert affordable data sets with a high degree of accuracy, improving productivity, efficiency and robotic AEC.

Servicing the United States.

Interior | Exterior | MEP Documentation

Point Cloud Modeling, 3D Walkthroughs & Site-Assessments, HDRI imaging, Photogrammetry, Videogrammetry, LiDAR, Infrared, Thermal.  We document damage caused by weather, negligence and accidents for single, mulitple and other assets.  All imaging is archived and time-stamped.  We can inspect all windows and doors on commercial or residential buildings to spot for heating and cooling loss with infrared laser scans.

Aerial Documentation

Photo-Stiched Map Survey with Survey Ground Control, Photos, 360s°, Flyovers, Point Clouds, CAD Models, Digital Elevation Data (DTMs), Orthographics.  We document and report on plant health, solar efficiency and volume metrics including; roofing, equipment, grounds and more.  We inspect entire roofs quickly and avoid dangerous and expensive manual inspections.  No ladder or full-sized aircraft.  Our aerial and ground drones are equipped with infrared, thermal, lasers and HDR photography

Surveys & Assessments

Get to BIM faster with 3D locationalized data with custom coordinate systems to be used across the AEC team and stored with owner/operator.  Our 3D surveys are used across the Autodesk suite and other CAD programs.  We quickly and efficiently inspect land, buildings, building facades, communication towers, bridges or railroad tracks.  We examine and report any size solar operation to spot potential problems or inefficiencies.

Leica Geosystems

Official Leica Geosystems © distributor and affiliate for beta programs, case studies and the BLK line applications.  We connect multiple BLK360s, RTC360s and Survey Instruments to powerful CPUs in the field to rapidly capture, convert, store, analyze and deliver 4D data.

AEC Partnerships

Partnering with Developers, Architects, Engineers and General Contractors for better planning, A&E workflows and BIM execution.  We convert our data to your native CAD suite and apply automation so designers do not have to spend long hours on site.