• Accurate Infrastructure

    We convert real world assets to 3D and add information, such as efficiency and sustainability.  We update assets with real-time 3D information to create better infrastructure and facilities management.

    We help document and manage digital representations of key infrastructure. Reach out to participate in our smart grid and virtual town initiatives.  For offline, downloadable and encrypted documentation reach out directly.

  • LiDAR Point Clouds

    We specialize in capturing and converting LiDAR “Point Clouds” whichare large data sets composed of 3D point data.  Point Clouds streamline virtual building, design and marketing.

  • Topography | Mapping | GIS

    Point clouds are also helpful for refining large outdoor data set.  We help deliver coordinated topography used in traditional surveying and GIS.

  • ALL CAD Programs

    Every file we deliver can be customized to you native CAD software.

  • Data Capture Systems

    LiDAR, Infrared, IR, VR, Photogrammetry, HDR