Robotic Imaging has worked on hundreds of construction sites nationwide and holds all the necessary insurance to perform the job safely and under compliance.  We help you manage construction projects more efficiently with aerial imaging and drone data.

  1. Construction Monitoring: Photo, Video, 360, Point Clouds, 3D Maps & Models
  2. Rapid Point Cloud Conversions for CAD & REVIT (RCS, RCP): LiDAR is a data set composed of 4D points.  Point Clouds act as basis or background for drawings or locational itemization of critical infrastructure.
  3. As-Built BIM/Revit files (LOD 100-300 Revit Models): We help capture point clouds using BIM, photogrammetry and surveying practices.  Every file we create can be customized to your CAD workflow.
  4. Virtual Tours: Pre-Dry wall or Pre-Slab asset documentation
  • UAS + LiDAR

    Combining digital copies of LiDAR, Infrared, IR, VR, and Photogrammetry.

  • Point Cloud Foundation

    We specialize in capturing and converting LiDAR “Point Clouds” which are large data sets composed of 3D point data.  Point Clouds streamline virtual building, design and marketing.

  • Topography

    We deliver coordinated topography for ground-up, on-going construction or as-built construction.

  • CAD Programs

    Customized to your native CAD software.

  • Volume Metrics

    Manage, measure and monitor your projects with current site intelligence.

  • Accuracy Reporting

    We create data registration reports so you can relay project tolerances to all stakeholders remotely.