Delivering 3D documentation to AEC companies working together on Retail projects is critical for project success.

RIG and RJP Consulting have teamed up to create industry leading as-built documentation to start the construction and design-build process.  Leveraging the recent advancements in reality capture technology, we are provide VR, CAD, Revit, and 2D line drawings to improve costs, efficiencies, and updated understanding of projects in the United States and Canada.

To fully document a site slated for a renovation or refurbishment, we use 3D imaging, VR meshing algorithms, spherical laser scanning and drones.  Our deliverables fit into native CAD platforms across Bentley and Autodesk suites.

Our mission: To accurately and cost-effectively capture 3D site surveys, streamlining renovations, refurbishments and design-build, positioning RJP Consulting as an agile and tech-forward construction firm specializing in refurbishments and conversions in commercial and industrial real estate.