Light – Detection – and – Ranging (LIDAR):  LiDAR is a surveying and remote sensing method that measures distance by emitting a laser light at a target and calculating the return.  LiDAR instruments can emit more than 1 million points per second.  These Instruments create extremely accurate 4D models that generate a “point cloud” – […]

The architecture industry is embracing digital robotic systems for the layout of buildings and interior fit-outs due to proven financial and time benefits – replacing the inaccurate tape measure, stringline and laser level approach. Many of our projects feature complex designs with curved walls and buildings with prefabricated materials and non-orthogonal spaces. Traditionally, the layout […]

Delivering 3D documentation to AEC companies working together on Retail projects is critical for project success. RIG and RJP Consulting have teamed up to create industry leading as-built documentation to start the construction and design-build process.  Leveraging the recent advancements in reality capture technology, we are provide VR, CAD, Revit, and 2D line drawings to […]